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Jan Ivarsson Award

The ESIST is proud to present the Jan Ivarsson Award for invaluable services to the field of audiovisual translation (AVT). The award was first given to subtitling guru Jan Ivarsson at the 2010 Languages and the Media conference in Berlin for his life-long work in the field of subtitling, where his life’s achievements have pioneered, promoted and disseminated knowledge of this erstwhile neglected field of translation.

The award will be presented biannually in connection with the association’s General Meeting, which usually takes place in Berlin at the Languages and the Media conference. The award will be given to a person “for invaluable services to the field of audiovisual translation”. This means any individual whose achievements have furthered the cause of AVT, either academically or professionally, be s/he a young scholar or a well-established person in the field of AVT for her/his life-long achievement (and anyone in between whose achievements would make her/him worthy of the award).

The award has a value of up to €1,000, and it also includes a lifetime membership in ESIST. Nominations for the Jan Ivarsson award must be sent to the President of ESIST, Jan Pedersen. The Executive Board will assess all nominations received and make the final decision.

The laureate of 2012 Jan Ivarsson Award was Mary Carroll, who received the award for her life-long achievements in the field of subtitling, as well as for bringing together the professional world of AVT and academia.

TIn 2014, Jorge Díaz Cintas received the Award for his tireless work promoting audiovisual translation in general and for his excellent and inspiring research on subtitling in particular.

The 2016 call for nominations is now closed and ESIST received many well-deserving nominations. The winner of this year’s Jan Ivarsson Award will be announced on December 4.

ESIST membership

Application for membership is invited from anyone with an interest in screen translation, be it an academic or professional. Membership is also open to persons residing outside Europe.